New Year’s Resolution: Make 2013 A Year of Music!

New Year’s Resolution: Make 2013 A Year of Music!

2013 — a great year to begin playing an instrument! The sounds of an instrument being played for the first time may not exactly be beautiful, but in just a few years of studying music, the benefits truly last a lifetime. Here are a few articles we found that describe research showing the effects of music on the development of the brain. The possibilities in Houston are endless… when are you going to begin this rewarding journey?

1) The nature of kids is to be loud and collaborative with their peers while creating fun and interesting things. They like taking an idea to build upon and make different — unique to the individual or group. Going against nature never seems to work in the long run, so why not let children let loose and be who they are through music? This article shows ways in which this form of “play” during childhood supplies them with the essential tools to become great listeners, learners, communicators and team workers.

2) This article discusses recent research proving the life-long impact of even just a few years of musical training. It explains how music is just as important as math, science and language arts in order to be successful later in life. Along with the every day “feel good” moments that music supplies — giving kids a reason to want to go to school every day, allowing a sense of confidence to bloom and bringing out an individual’s uniqueness — music sharpens a person’s response to sound which, in turn, develops stronger learning skills.

3) As the Houston Symphony has been proclaiming for over 20 years through the title of our Education and Community Engagement programs, MUSIC MATTERS! Read this article to see the hand that music education plays in preparing students to learn, facilitating academic achievement and developing creative capacities for lifelong success.

While these articles mainly focus on the importance of music for children’s development, we at the Houston Symphony firmly believe that it is never to late to begin or resume playing an instrument! The benefits of playing music are for both the young and the young at heart. No matter your musical background, make 2013 a year of music!

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