Upper Elementary Concerts

Bring your students to experience the Houston Symphony this year!

The Upper Elementary Concerts are 55-minute, full orchestra concerts, presented in Jones Hall for students in grades 4-5. These concerts are designed to provide students the opportunity to hear the Houston Symphony perform masterworks and learn about the orchestra. These concerts facilitate students’ acquisition of active listening skills, and concert content is also tied to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKs). 

2017-18 Program: 
The Shape of Music
Robert Franz, associate conductor


The shape of an object can help our eyes identify what the object is. The direction of lines on a map helps us determine the quickest way to get from one city to another. The direction of lines that make up a roller coaster help us determine whether or not our stomachs are strong enough to ride that roller coaster.

While we can't necessarily see the lines in music, the direction (or contour) of the melodies that we hear in music can help us imagine shapes of our own for the music. During this concert, Houston Symphony Associate Conductor Robert Franz will break down the melodies in masterworks by Smetana, Beethoven, Debussy and Verdi to help students relate to the music and actively listen in order to visualize the shape of music.

      Smetana    Overture to the Bartered Bride
      Smetana The Moldau from Má vlast (My fatherland)
      Beethoven Symphony No. 7, mvt. 4
      Debussy Nocturnes - Fêtes
      Verdi Overture to La forza del destino 




Step-By-Step Login Instructions

We have streamlined our student concert registration process so it will be more like a normal ticket buying experience giving you more control. When registration open on Wednesday at 10AM, you will find the link at houstonsymphony.org under the Education and Community Section. If you have purchased tickets before with your school account, you can use your login but if this is your first time, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on "Forgot Your Password" - We created temporary passwords for all of the emails in our system so by entering your school email and clicking "Email My Information" you will be sent a link to create your own password. If your school email is not in our system, please Create An Account to begin.
  2. Check your email for the link - It may take up to 15 minutes for the email to come through and you may need to check your spam/junk folder. Once the email arrives. There will be a link prompting you to create your new password.
  3. Choose a new password - Type in your new password and click submit. Once you are logged in, you may need to click the student concert registration link again to get to the concert selection portion.
  4. Link your school - If you are connected to the correct school, hit continue or change your school affiliation. To look up a different school, type in the zip code of your school address and select your school from the drop down. If it is not listed, select "I can't find my school".
  5. Select Your Concert - From there you will be logged in and you can select your concert, number of tickets, and plan your visit. You will need to enter a valid credit card to complete your reservation but your card will not be charged.

August 9th will begin the pre-registration period for schools interested in registering for the Pre- & Post- Concert Musician Visit package.

Registration for the concert only will open on August 11, 2017 at 10:00AM.

Seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for the concert dates/times listed below. Payment is not required at the time of registration. However, seats will be released if contracts/letters of agreements are not returned within the time frame communicated in correspondence after registration.

For those of you who have registered for these concerts in the past, please know that this year's registration will be slightly different. You will be logging in and selecting the specific performance you would like to attend, so please have your preference(s) ready to go.

*You will need to enter a valid credit card at checkout in order to reserve your seats, but the card will not be charged. Payment is due 40 days prior to the concert, which is a change from past seasons, so plan ahead with your financial department. * 



Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. This experience is limited exclusively to students in grades 4-5. Please find registration information below. Physical tickets are not printed for these concerts, but designated seats for each school/group are provided.

    Schools/Groups of 20 and more:
      Students: $9.75
      Adults: 1 free adult per 10 students (recommended ratio of students to adults)
      Additional adults: $9.75
    Small groups of fewer than 20:
      Students: $20
      Adults: $20
          Schools with at least 75% of students identified as economically disadvantaged qualify for even further reduced ticket prices. Payment plan options are also available. To learn how to qualify, contact Keisha Cassel, Manager of Education at 713-238-1488 or email keisha.cassel@houstonsymphony.org.
    Houston ISD Discount
      Houston ISD schools, click here for information about obtaining tickets free of charge.


*Note: we work with 8 district partners who commit to sending all campuses who are worked into these concerts before registration opens. We may not have availability for all of these concerts.*


Monday, November 6 at 9:30am

Monday, November 6 at 11:15am Limited Seating!

Tuesday, November 7 at 9:30am Limited Seating!

Tuesday, November 7 at 11:15am SOLD OUT!

Monday, February 5 at 11:15am

Tuesday, February 6 at 9:30am

Tuesday, February 6 at 11:15am Limited Seating!

Wednesday, April 18 at 11:15am Limited Seating!

Thursday, April 19 at 9:30am

Thursday, April 19 at 11:15am Limited Seating!



All schools are responsible for transportation accommodations.
Directions to Jones Hall and bus parking will be distributed along with Teacher guidebooks. 


Online resources for music and general classroom teachers will be available at least 1 month prior to the concert. These lesson plans, videos, listening prompts and day-of information developed for teachers to use in the classroom prior to the concert. The use of these materials helps to support and expand upon the students' learning experience. 


For additional information please contact education.community@houstonsymphony.org


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