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Recent research on how the brain works has confirmed what we always suspected:  music matters to the brains of the children we teach. It makes a difference in how a brain develops, helps the brain to reach its full potential and even helps us to learn non-musical things. See how the Houston Symphony can be an educational resource for you.

The Houston Symphony realizes that teachers are working harder now than ever to fully prepare students for state tests, national tests, college readiness exams and, most of all, for life. The musicians and staff of the Houston Symphony work to support the fantastic work that you do by supplying a number of low-cost offerings for various age levels. We believe that the more a student is involved with music early in life, the more they will become actively involved, creatively engaged, capable of transferring knowledge from one subject to another, motivated to succeed, and pay greater attention to detail.

Our school day concerts are designed to support the 2nd and 5th grade curriculum. While being engaged in hearing a full, world-class orchestra playing some of the best masterworks written for orchestra, learning about the instruments in each family, and being exposed to basic through advanced elements of music, students will also be presented with social studies, science or creative writing materials. In recent concerts, students have walked out of Jones Hall looking up to the sky to distinguish the different types of clouds they see and the functions of each and able to point out the different geographical regions of Texas and the types of folk music that could be prominently heard in each area.

The Houston Symphony welcomes all types of students - public school, private school, or home school, well-advanced student musicians or students who have never before heard an orchestra, learning disabled or gifted. Follow the links below for information about our student concerts.

Conductor Robert Franz teaching students about music and science at a Houston Symphony Student Concert.

FOR ALL TEACHERS (Classroom Teachers and Music Teachers)
School Concerts for children ages 3-6   
Symphony Scouts
School Concerts for Grades 1-3
Detective Concerts
School Concerts for Grades 4-6
Explorer Concerts

School Concerts for Grades 6-12 (Band and Orchestra)
Middle School Student Concert

Concert celebrating teachers and their work                 
Salute to Educators Concert

Classroom Resource -- DVD and Curriculum Disc
The Planets - An HD Odyssey

For High School Band and Orchestra Students        
Houston Symphony Open Rehearsals

Performance opportunities for advanced music students
Symphony Spotlight

For secondary orchestra, band or choral directors                      
Spec's Charitable Foundation Award for Excellence in Music Education

The David Dewhurst Student Concert Series, which includes the Cameron Explorer Concerts, The Robbins Foundation Symphony Detective Concerts and Symphony Scouts Concerts, are made possible by:

Lieutenant Governor David H. Dewhurst
The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Robbins, Jr. / The Robbins Foundation
Robert W. & Pearl Wallis Knox Foundation
Ruth and Ted Bauer Family Foundation
George & Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
Vivian L. Smith Foundation
Lillian Kaiser Lewis Foundation





Photo Credit: Jeff Fitlow