Education & Community Engagement

Through more than 200 education and community engagement performances and events, making up more than a quarter of the orchestra's activity, the Symphony annually impacts the lives of over 300,000 Houston-area residents, including 76,000 children and nearly 100,000 who attend concerts free of charge.

A wide array of activities enable the Symphony to engage Houstonians of all ages and backgrounds and make music a relevant, accessible and integral part of their lives. This occurs not only at Jones Hall, Miller Theatre or the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion; Activities take place in churches, synagogues, schools, private homes, social service providers, community facilities, parks, senior centers, classrooms, libraries, hospitals, day cares, museums and art galleries throughout Greater Houston. Through a wide range of educational and engagement services, the Houston Symphony works to fulfill many of our community's needs.

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Our programs are designed to serve six core constituencies: schools, families, aspiring young and returning musicians, the community at large, concert goers/music listeners and educators. Find out more about the offerengs for each of these constituencies below:


Aspiring Musicians

Whether you’re at the beginning of your music making journey or finding the path again after years away - you will find great joy (and some challenges) at every step.  The Houston Symphony is here as a resource to help you in your pursuit of music-making. 

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Community Members

The great flexibility of the Houston Symphony is that we need not sets, special floors or exacting exhibition space. Any place where there is room for a chair, a music stand and a person can become a potential performance space. We are able to bring great musical art anywhere.

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Educators / Teachers

Recent research on how the brain works has confirmed what we always suspected.   Music matters to the brains of the children we teach. It makes a difference in how a brain develops. It helps the brain to reach its full potential. It even helps us to learn non-musical things. See how we can be an educational resource for you.

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Listeners / Concert-Goers

Are you curious? Do you need to know more? Do you wish to know just the basics? Or does your interest run much deeper? The Houston Symphony has the answers just for you.

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Parents / Guardians

Some gifts can last a lifetime. Such is the case when you give your child the world of music. By opening this door, you and your family will find and share experiences that you will always remember.

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School Administrators

We know how valuable your students’ and teachers’ time is.   With a greater focus on testing and a limited instructional time, we appreciate your investment in us to make the most of this most precious resource.   We are happy to report that the returns will be far greater than what you put in.

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Students / Kids

If you want people to pay attention, listen to you and hear what you have to say, then music is for you. By learning about music, singing or playing an instrument you can find out about yourself.

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Youth Ensemble Leaders

Whether a conductor, administrator or parent advocate - we know you work with the most passionate and committed young musicians. Through providing resources and opportunities, we are here so that you can take your students to higher levels.

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